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Types of Fabrics


No matter what fabric types you need for your project, you’ll discover the perfect fit in our wide range. We have 120 different fabric types available at Contrado with no minimum runs. Our range has the best-in-class natural, premium, and high-performance fabrics. From light and heavyweight woven fabric to crisp cotton and luscious silk, explore our eye-catching textiles for a pick on the fabric types list that meets your decorating and craft needs.

How To Identify Different Types Of Fabrics

Each project requires a different fabric type. From soft and stretchy jersey material, and natural types of silk, to organic types of cotton fabric and types of canvas fabric, the right textile can make all the difference. 

Choose your fabric by carefully researching its characteristics and uses, depending on your specific project. When working on your DIY project, discover all our fabric types for specific uses, such as upholstery, clothing, accessories, or furnishings etc. These questions will help you determine which types of fabric will be right for you.

Keep in mind where you want to use the fabric of your choice, who it’s for, the room and conditions. It’s just as crucial to know the names of fabrics to achieve the perfect look and feel for your project. Choose the right fiber, weight, and construction from Contrado’s extensive list of 120 fabric types. Ensure you always have the perfect textile for your project. If you want to see all of Contrado’s custom fabric collection, why not order our Fabric Swatch Pack?

What Are the Different Fabric Types? 

We have a host of natural, different fabric types to suit any new home decorator, artist or interior designer. We have 100% natural fabrics, premium textiles printed using advanced reactive dyes for the best finish and high-performance fibers that are more hard-wearing, breathable or vegan. Our fabric types list includes soft cotton, jersey, versatile polycotton, light linen, luscious silk and velvet, canvas, crepe, satin, twill, lycra, knit, and breathable woven fabric. We also print our various fabrics and blends using eco-friendly water-based inks.

What Should I Know About Clothing Fabric Types? 

In this list, we have clothing fabric types that are strong and durable for everyday wear and tear. From the softest silks to enhance your occasion wear to the lightest crepe fabric for your summer wardrobe. If you handcraft garments at home, explore our fabric types list for ones that suit the occasion, season and need. Design the deliciously soft and strongly textured textiles from our clothing fabric types in your own original patterns.  

Tips On Printing Designs On Our Fabric 

We have three advanced printing techniques: dye sublimation, reactive and pigment printing. With a lot of different fabric types, we print using dye sublimation like satin, the base color of the fabric is a stark white with a lovely sheen. This provides a perfect base for highly detailed prints like lush jungle foliage. Meanwhile, we use premium quality reactive dyes when printing natural fabrics like pure silk. This is our most advanced printing method because of its permanent and true-to-life color reproduction. Black ink is especially highly pigmented and accurate, perfect if you’re creating an intricate monochrome pattern. On the other hand, our popular pigment printing for different fabric types like cotton reproduces pastel and light-colored designs exceptionally well.