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Custom Sportswear for Him


Sportswear can be separated into two main categories. Sportswear for activewear and sportswear for fashion. Personally, we don't see why you can't just have both. All of our custom sportswear is ideal for use as men's fitness wear as well as comfortable, social situations. Bring all of the joys and comforts of leisurewear with the breathable nature of sportswear that allows amazing freedom of movement. Athleisure at it's finest, and the ability to create your very own custom designs.

Men's Fitness Wear

Custom sportswear

Don't settle for any less than you deserve. Experience ultimate style, extreme comfort and outstanding freedom of movement. Custom sportswear offers you a bespoke athleisure solution, bringing the benefits of a variety of different styles into one fantastic garment. The comfort of leisurewear and the practicality of sportswear just isn't enough, so embrace the height of style alongside it and design your own custom sportswear with Contrado.

Fashion wear vs active wear

Ultimately sportswear is split into two main categories. Activewear which is specifically designed to be worn when someone is participating in sports, or some form of physical exercise, and fashion sportswear which is clothing which has been designed with a specific relaxed approach in mind, with a view to being easy to care for. From around 1870, garments were being specifically designed for active women. These activities mainly consisted of horseriding and cycling, tennis, swimming and yachting, as well as archery. Although being intended for the sporting pursuits, often these garments would be worn for everyday wear. In more recent years, activewear and fashion sportswear have started to become combined again.

The birth of athleisure

Athleisure is a relatively recent fashion trend which sees clothing that has been specifically designed for athletic activities such as workouts and competitive sports being worn in different settings. This is often casual settings, such as social occasions but is often also at work or in a school setting. This trend is similar to that which sportswear saw pre-1920, however, differs slightly from the fashion sportswear trend that began decades prior as athleisure wear is designed more to be 'dressed up' athletic clothing rather than as everyday wear. 

The benefits of activewear

By designing and manufacturing activewear specifically for use during sports and athletic activities, we are able to tailor the way that it is made, and the properties of the fabrics which are used. Sports fabrics are technical materials. They are used to help keep the wearer comfortable. The type of textile used varies greatly dependent on the intensity of the activity

Agile and airy

One of the main contributors taken into consideration when making that decision is the weight of the fabric itself. Men's fitness wear materials are often lightweight so that they don't overburden the wearer. Certain activities such as cycling, also require clothing to not create any drag, or be particularly bulky; they need to be almost streamlined.

Unrestrained activity

Being unrestrictive is also a key factor when designing sportswear, and freedom of movement is often achieved in one of two ways. Either the garments need to be loose enough to allow movements - such as in martial arts - or they would be made from a textile which benefits from great stretch and recovery - such as those used in wrestling and swimming. 

Temperature and moisture control

Another key feature of fabrics used for custom sportswear, made specifically for a particular activity is its thermal properties. Your clothing needs to allow you to stay cool when you're in a hot situation just as much as it is necessary to keep you warm in a cold situation. It needs to be able to transfer sweat away from the skin. Moisture-wicking fabrics are particularly good for this. 

Accessorize away

But not in the traditional sense of the word. Some types of sport require more than appropriate garments, they also need protective wear. Whereas some activities such as fencing, require full protective attire, some require simply pads, head gear, eye or full-face shields or mouth guards. Often in these sports, you are still able to wear your usual men's fitness wear, but you need to adorn it with protective accessories. 

Printed men's sportswear

Taking all of this into account, it's no wonder that men's fitness wear has historically been so bland. When you factor in how many other things have had to be so carefully thought out, its somewhat unsurprising that color, pattern and design was but a mere afterthought. Once it became apparent that this was an oversight, many people went overboard with it. Leaving an array of sportswear that was either plain and dar, often black, blue or grey or garish colors and designs, in fluorescent colors. 

Custom Sportswear

With all of the advancements in modern technology, we are now able to digitally print pretty much anything onto almost any fabric. We feel like we would be somewhat neglectful if we didn't offer you the opportunity to create custom sportswear using your own designs and artwork. Our in-house designer has created fantastic custom sports apparel, designed to be unrestrictive, breathable and everything you might want in a custom sportswear, as well as on-trend and comfortable and all of the things you'd like in a fashionable daywear.

Offered in a wide range of sizes, often with a choice of fabrics and options for the finer details, you can create your own custom sportswear tailored for the specific sport or activity you want to use it for. What's more, we couldn't call it custom sports apparel without letting you make it truly unique. Design your own men's fitness wear, use graphics, text paintings, photography - anything your heart desires really, in any color you want, and make something that is truly yours.