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The custom Neoprene fabric is one of our most unique printable. Weighing 29.49oz, it is a heavy material with a separate knitted poly face which is bonded to black neoprene backing, which itself has a black inner lining. Made of a tight and closed knit construct, the fabric is solid, made of black out material, which does not allow light through. It also has water absorbent qualities, works as an excellent thermal insulator, and posses a highly spongy elastic nature, which makes the fabric flexible and easy to manipulate. The printing process results in compression, leaving the finished product between 0.12"-0.16" thick.

  • Max Print: 1.42yd, Weight: 29.49oz
  • Properties: soft, elastic, matt, opaque
  • Black neoprene back, light white poly face
  • 0.12" thick after printing (0.16" before)

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Custom Neoprene Fabric

From $65

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