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Custom Curtain Fabric


Curtain fabric is an essential material for giving your home a fashionable and functional touch. When choosing curtain fabric online, make sure you read our guide to ensure you select the right fabric for you.

What is curtain fabric?

Curtain fabric can apply to any material, which is used when making curtains or drapes. It can help determine a rooms style and character, and, as such, there is a wide variety available when choosing fabrics from shops or when browsing curtain fabric online. When creating a bespoke aesthetic in your home, one of the best options is to design custom curtain fabric online. This way, you will be sure to get the style, textile, and design, which best suits your specific requirements.

Certain curtain material can also be used to cover cushions, make throws, and be used for crafts and some light upholstery.

Curtain fabric can be created from natural and synthetic fibres and come in different weights. The weight of the textile helps give curtains their character and determines whether they are fashionable, functional or both.

Popular curtain fabrics include:
  • Cotton Satin - classic satin, made from 100% natural cotton
  • Mulmul Soft Muslin – light and soft muslin weave made from durable polyester
  • Paris Chiffon – soft and silky, which is sheer and light
  • Poly Georgette – crepe like with the beauty of silk and the strength of polyester
  • Suede Vision – super soft, faux suede, which is strong and matt in appearance
  • Lace – delicate and utterly feminine, which is light and breezy

How is it manufactured?

Every fabric has its own manufacturing methods. Natural materials, such as cotton and linen, are produced very differently to synthetic textiles, such as polyester and velvet.

The different weights and designs in curtain material makes a difference to the manufacturing process too – lace can be handmade and more time consuming and brocade and damask require more labour intensive techniques. Natural fabrics are made by taking substances such as cotton and breaking them down into fibres, which are then spun into yarns. Synthetic fabrics are created using chemicals and other substances.

Purposes of curtain fabric?

The main purposes of curtain material is to add flair or practicality to a room. Curtains are used to give a room a sense of privacy and security. They also determine how much light is let in, and can be used for insulating purposes. You can buy curtain fabric by the metre, to ensure you have an adequate amount for your project.

When deciding, which textile is right for you, think of where they will be hung. Asking questions are necessary because each cloth carries with it its own unique qualities and attributes, which makes it suitable for different uses. If you want to block out light in a bedroom, lace would be inadequate, whereas a medium weight damask will add character and obscure the light.


The properties for these materials can vary, depending on their weight and construction. From lightweight and ethereal to durable and black-out, the common properties of curtain material fall into 3 categories; lightweight, medium-weight and heavy weight.

  • Light and airy in appearance
  • Provoke a romantic and more casual atmosphere 
  • Can let a lot of light into a room
  • Possibly more for style than function
  • Thicker and more substantial than lightweight
  • Has a good drape and structure
  • Omits some natural daylight 
  • Balances style with functionality
  • Give a more distinguished look
  • Rich, sturdy and solid 
  • Suit more formal rooms and bedrooms
  • Block out most daylight
  • Don’t drape as well as lighter fabrics

Advantages of curtain fabric

Choosing fabric online gives you’re a huge variety of styles, cloths, weights and designs to select from. You need to consider what the textile is being bought for and for which room – keeping in mind that curtains can be the focal point. You can create a room based around a stunning pair of curtains and by opting for customized curtain fabric, you can select the style, design, price, durability, and length that you want.