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Bespoke Wallpaper

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Make your home exactly as you want it by designing your own bespoke wallpaper. Create your own wallpaper and choose from four stunning papers; our classic standard, brushed textured, luxurious premium, or self-adhesive. Prints are depicted clearly, with crisp outlines and definitions that will stand out on any wall. Available in any size, turn your walls into something spectacular and design custom wallpaper for every room in your home. Perfect for artists, designers, and those with distinct taste, this wallpaper will show off your personal style, while bringing a whole new bespoke element to your home. Wholesale discounts are available with no minimum order.

To order a small sample of your design on the paper of your choice, please click here

  • Four styles; standard, and brushed texture, or premium
  • No minimum order or runs
  • Solvent free wallpaper
  • Available in any size
  • Wholesale discounts, no minimum order

About Your Bespoke Wallpaper

    Handmade to order, your custom wallpaper is a unique wall covering product that you won't find anywhere else; because you are in control of the designs. With a 10 year guarantee and available in any size, to fit any wall, you choose the perfect dimensions to suit your project. When you make your own wallpaper, you can choose between four different papers. The standard option is strong and durable with a beautiful textured matte finish. The luxurious premium option has the same strength and durability, with a similar finish, while being 100% opaque. It is also pre-coated with adhesive. The wall simply needs to be sprayed and the wallpaper positioned. There is no need for wallpaper paste. The textured options are quick and easy to apply, as you paste the wall, not the paper. It can be easily removed when dry without damaging walls, and it has a strong construction. All four papers have a stunning permanent print, with the premium option offering super-sharp print quality.
  • At a glance

    • Handmade to order
    • Four paper choices
    • Eco friendly
    • Matte wallpaper
    • Easy and quick to hang
  • Wallpaper size

    • Custom size
    • Roll width: 49.2" or 24.6"

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There are 4 different wallpapers to choose from; standard, textured and premium.

How Your Bespoke Wallpaper Is Made

There are four printed wallpaper options; standard, brushed textured and premium. They are all high quality, beautiful wallpapers, but offer slightly different attributes.

Standard: Your designs are printed onto a chic, thick paper that has a beautiful textured matte finish. This durable paper has very good print qualities and offers a permanent print. Your bespoke wallpaper has a 10-year guarantee for colorfastness, when the paper is kept in an optimal position, i.e. away from direct sunlight. It is strong and holds up well to scratches and abrasions. This makes it an ideal wallpaper to use in high traffic areas. As eco-friendly and sustainability are 2 of our main objectives, your paper is eco-friendly and we use no solvents and only water-based inks. If you are planning on hanging your paper on a dark wall, we recommend using lining paper before applying your wallpaper. 

Premium: Opt for our premium wallpaper, if you are looking for a 100% opaque option. This stunning paper is water activated and pre-coated with adhesive. All you need to do to hang it is spray the wall and position your paper - there is no need to add paste. With a matte finish and a gorgeous lightly textured handle, this paper offers a vibrant, permanent print in the highest quality, with super sharp print detail. The non-fade print is guaranteed for 10 years. It also offers the same benefits as the standard in regards to its finish; tough, durable, and scratch-resistant. The certified ECO-print is odor-free and the water-based inks offer a sustainable alternative to mass-manufactured wallpapers. 

Brushed Textured: This option is ideal for using to decorate a bathroom. It is bio-proof, meaning it has a special formulation that prevents bacteria or mold growth. The breathable formulation also resists mildew. You can wash the paper if it gets a little dirty. Simply use a damp cloth with mild soap and water. Applying the textured option could not be easier. The strong construction does not need wallpaper paste applied to it. Simply paste the walls and place your paper as desired. As long as the walls have been prepared correctly before hanging, the paper can be removed easily without damaging the walls. 

Self-adhesive: If you're looking for no-hassle wallpaper, then this is for you. Just peel the paper backing and stick to the wall - no additional materials required. The adhesive can be repositioned again and again. The wallpaper is water-resistant and opaque.

Full hanging instructions are supplied with your wallpaper. You can also download them here. You will be emailed a layout proof after you complete your design, with the image split into an optimal number of drops. 

Download our fire rating certification here

Care Instructions

Your new wallpaper is made from tough paper, that is scratch and abrasion resistant. If you find a mark or some dirt on the paper, we recommend wiping it clean with a damp sponge.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Design Tips

Use your new textured embossed wallpaper to share your designs in your home, or with your fans. The textured surface is perfect for emphasizing the paintbrush texture in photos of paintings or looks beautiful with landscape photography. We recommend measuring the area for your design beforehand and adding 3.1" to the size. This allows you a 1.6" bleed on the height and width for trimming the paper or for any allowances, meaning you can get your wallpaper to fit perfectly. Then choose the length and width that you would like to print.

Please note: When entering the dimensions you would like your wallpaper to be, we recommend adding additional space to allow for shrinkage. Our heat printing process can cause up to 2.5% shrinkage on custom wallpapers and fabrics.

Next, choose one of the 'roll width' options. Wallpapers are printed over several pieces or 'drops' so you can choose either 49.2" or 24.6" as the width. This is the width of each piece of wallpaper.

Follow this up by choosing the 'wallpaper direction', which is the direction in which the 'drops' will be cut. This will need to be decided in such a way that you do not lose any important part of your design, such as faces or bits of text. The online preview will show the cutting lines to guide you. Lastly, upload your design to our online design system and experiment with the positioning of your image. If a low-quality warning appears, you may need to scale the image down, but can use a repeat tile effect or simply add other images. Our technicians will trim down any white spaces at the edge of the canvas around the bleed, so there are no borders visible.

Reviews for Wallpaper

Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews

  • Great products and service My wallpaper products always have very good quality and orders are sent so quickly! Also custom printed fabric was beautiful and easy to do.

  • Orders arrive SO quickly! Great website -so easy to use. My wall vinyl is wonderfully high quality and the turnaround time from order to delivery is unbelievably fast - overseas ! !

How does this product enhance my...

  • Home

    Ideal for anyone looking to add some personal style to their home decor, your new wallpaper will showcase your taste in a standout way. If you are looking to decorate a new baby's room, bypass the generic, babyish wallpaper seen in every shop, and design your own! Include their name, a meaningful quote, illustrations, song lyrics, photographs, or anything else that you want. This wallpaper is perfect for creating a feature wall, or even for every wall in the room.

  • Business

    Making your business stand out can be tricky. Bespoke wallpaper is a wonderful way to demonstrate to customers your company's branding and ethos. We love seeing personalized wallpaper in restaurants and cafes, as it truly helps set a standard of style and helps build a memorable experience for the customer. Consider creating a design for your wallpaper that sets the mood and atmosphere that your restaurant projects; romantic, fun, contemporary, traditional, the choice is yours.

  • Design brand

    More and more talented artists and designers are incorporating their stunning designs into the home interior world. Interior design and art truly go hand in hand, and designing your own wallpaper is an innovative and memorable way to push your art into this popular area. Attract new customers and clients and make your own wallpaper with your original artwork. Create a series or a signature print that will appeal to your clientele and beyond.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I print any size bespoke wallpaper?

Our online design interface and expert print technology allows you to print wallpaper of any size. Simply enter your chosen dimensions into the interface and you will see an instant price on the page. This is ideal for very small or large walls, where you might require a limited or excessive amount of paper.

What paper choices are there?

When you make your own wallpaper, you can choose from four different papers. All four use water-based inks and are odor free. The standard is a textured matte, non-tear paper. The premium is water activated and lightly textured. It is pre-coated with adhesive, so no need to use paste, and the textured ones are breathable and resist mold and mildew.

Can I use printed wallpaper for a feature wall?

Absolutely you can. Feature walls are one of the main benefits for bespoke wallpaper. You can print any size wallpaper that you wish, so a feature wall is a great idea. You will need to scale up your designs and measure your wall carefully to ensure the paper fits to size.

Print Guideline

  • DPI-Print Guideline Icon

    What's the best resolution to print in?

    We print at 200dpi, which is a good combination of quality and file weight. Ideally your image should be scaled to 100% at 200dpi, this means that no resizing of your file occurs stopping any interpolation.

  • Jpeg-Tiff Print Guideline Icon

    Should I save my file as a TIFF or JPEG?

    For multi-colored or very detailed files we recommend using a tiff format, but they must be flattened. For simple colours and low detail files, a jpeg is fine.

  • RGB-CMYK Print Guideline Icon

    Which color model should I choose? RGB or CMYK?

    We advise providing images in the RGB color space. Specifically using the sRGB image profile, to achieve best color results. What does this mean? In your editing software, choose RGB as the working space and assign the image profile as sRGB (full name sRGB IEC61966-2.1)


    What does GSM mean?

    Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is an international standard for measuring the weight of paper or fabric. GSM uses the weight of a square meter (1000 x 1000mm) as an indication of the weight and thickness of a given fabric. We class 20-100gsm as light (summer fabrics, gauzes and fine silks), 101-249 gsm as medium (most clothing fabrics) and 250+ gsm as heavy (upholstery fabrics, and other specialist fabrics).

  • Fill Bleed Areas ICON

    What are bleed areas?

    When designing your product, it’s best to make sure that your image is slightly larger than needed. In printing, the extra printed image is referred to as a “Bleed Area” or margin, and it is removed from the finished piece. A bleed area acts as a buffer for slight inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. however, it’s important to fill your bleed areas completely, or you may end up with white, unprinted strips along the edge of your finished product.

  • Transfer-Print Guideline Icon

    Do you print on garments a customer supplies?

    Unfortunately not. All our garments are printed on flat fabric, and sewn into finished products, which gives a better finished result and all-over print. We test meticulously so that we know what gets best results on our fabrics, and our facilities cater perfectly to them. We do however print sublimation paper to order, so if you have access to a heat press you can press your fabrics or flat garments easily.

  • Pattern Alignment Across Seams ICON

    Can you Align a Pattern or design across panels of a garment?

    We always strive for the greatest accuracy when printing and constructing your garments. However, due to unavoidable stretch or movement of the fabric during the stitching process, we cannot guarantee perfect pattern registration across garment seams. We are generally accurate within 0.08" 0.12", which Is close enough for most patterns, but may show slight issues with detailed geometric patterns.

  • print label option icon

    Can I print my own Labels?

    Most of our garments now come with printable label space for you to add your own company information and branding! If you would like to sew in your own labels, we also offer Printed Fabric Labels here.

  • Eco friendly Printing

    How is your fabric printing eco-friendly?

    With environmental consciousness in mind, our fabrics are all printed using completely water based inks. This means no chemicals or solvents are used. Our heat fixing procedure fixes the colors and prints, avoiding the downsides of steaming, such as excess or contaminated water returning into the waste system. We have one facility in where we conduct all the printing, production and fulfillment.

Please note: As we make everything by hand, all sizes may vary slightly.

Delivery Time & Costs

At Contrado, we personally commit to our customer satisfaction with a wide product selection hand-made in our premises, a great quality, dedicated service as well as fast delivery.

We're fast

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s).

We print and make everything in-house

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If you need peace of mind or are in a rush, use our tracked 1-2 working day delivery service (after manufacturing time)

Make use of our Manufacturing and Worldwide Shipping Experience

At Contrado, every product is handmade on-site to ensure the highest quality. We provide a dedicated production service as well as a range of fast delivery options. Since 2003, we have printed and hand-made countless personalized products for a wide range of customers all over the world and many of them have become loyal customers who love not only our products but also the care, knowledge and dedication from our staff.

Here is how it works. We first hand-make your item on average within 1-3 days depending on the product manufacturing timeline and quantities. After production time, we ship your order so you can receive it very quickly, subject to the delivery type you select in your basket. You can then enjoy or resell your hand-made products with your very own designs.

You can also read more about our terms & conditions and refund policy.
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