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Fabric Properties

Fabric properties are the characteristics of a specific fabric. The properties of woven fabrics are very different to the properties of knitted fabrics. Build up your knowledge of these properties to ensure that you always choose the right textile for your project. By properties of fabrics we refer to the unique qualities that make each type of fabric different from another. Fabric characteristics can include things like texture, thickness, stretchiness and durability.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production

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Exclusive Discounts

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Waterproof Fabric

from $46

Browse our wide range of hydrophobic, waterproof fabrics. All treated with an impermeable layer. Great for tents and outdoor wear.

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Vegan Fabric

from $46

Check out our selection of 100% vegan fabrics, all made with no animal products. Ideal for vegan and cruelty-free projects.

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Sheer Fabric

from $46

Browse our transparent fabrics, great for floaty garments and sheer curtains. Delicate fabrics printed with your designs.

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Soft Fabric

from $17.50

Our range of cuddly, luxurious and comforting fabrics. Everything from sumptuous velvet to transparent muslin. Great for clothing.

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Wicking Fabric

from $46

Our collection of wicking fabric specializes in absorbing moisture and quickly drying. Perfect for sportswear and swimming.

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Technical Fabric

from $46

A collection of fabrics where practicality meets style. Everything from sportswear to water-resistant materials.

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Sublimation Printed Fabrics

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Natural Fabric

from $46

Browse our range of sustainable, decomposable, carbon neutral fabrics made from natural plant and animal fibers.

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Reactive Printed Fabrics

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Organic Fabric

from $46

Browse our range of organic fabrics that include no bactericides or chemicals. Good for you & Earth. Hypo-allergenic.

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Pigment Printed Fabric

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Stretch Fabric

from $17.50

Each of these fabrics feature a 2 or 4-way stretch, and include more flexibility, spring & resilience than other fabrics.

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Gift Cards

Make your own gift card with a choice of style, amounts, and sending options. Gift them your way!

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To examine the properties of a fabric, there's a range of criteria to look at: drape, resilience, airflow, weight, smoothness, its weave, and waterproof qualities. 

Fabrics usually feature either a knitted or woven construction, and most fabrics fall into one of these categories, but the weave is not the only factor that influences a fabric's appearance. The type of yarn and method of construction are also hugely relevant to the properties of a fabric. The properties of a knitted fabric vary from those of a woven fabric. One is made by looping warps and wefts, while the other consists of weaving them. The method of construction creates unique characteristics for each fabric. 

DIYers tend to gravitate towards the properties of natural fabrics, using them for everything from accessories to furnishings. The strength, natural radiance and eco-friendly production of these fabrics make them suitable for various types of projects.