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Pamper yourself with custom wool silk fabric, a gorgeous blend of quality wool and silk for a durable and soft fabric. Originating in Italy, your custom wool silk fabric has a cream base color and majestic transparency made with an open weave. Combining the strengths of both, your custom wool fabric has the smoothness and elegance of silk with the durability of wool. With 70% wool and 30% silk, your custom wool silk fabric is perfect for lightweight fashion, scarves and accessories. Weighing in at 3.33oz, this light, breathable and open weave luxury fabric is a delight for your skin. Such a luxurious fabric requires only the best printing, that's why we use industry leading printing technology to infuse the fabric with ink for the brightest and strongest possible hold.

  • Max Print: 1.53yd, Weight: 3.33oz, Expected Shrinkage = Weft: 5% Warp: 3.5%
  • 70% wool, 30% silk. 3.33 oz
  • Finest quality reactive printing
  • Breathable, Soft and Strong
  • Custom print on Wool Silk fabric
  • Fine Italian cloth

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