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Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Printing


Layer up by using your art for long sleeve t-shirt printing. This range of men's long sleeve printed t-shirts features different cuts and styles as well as different materials, including cotton.

Long Sleeve Shirt Printing

Your art will wrap around your body and arms in your chosen fabric and shirt style. We do our all-over print long sleeve t-shirt printing using fabrics of varying weights and handles so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Talented craftspeople work to print and sew your long sleeve by hand, so it's always top quality.

  • Printed and sewn on demand
  • Multiple fits and styles
  • Print the sleeves
  • All over print
  • Edge to edge printing
  • Safe, eco-friendly inks
  • Sustainable materials & production
  • Sizes from XS-7XL
  • Premium fabrics, incl. cotton
  • Tracked shipping, fast delivery
  • Vibrant and lasting print
  • Print feels like the fabric
  • Handmade

How the Long Sleeve T-Shirt Printing is Done

Your long sleeve shirt printing is done by trained experts who use leading print techniques. They bond the eco-friendly inks to the shirt material, so your design is as much of a part of the shirt as the fibers in the fabric. They cut and sew each shirt to order to ensure the best possible quality. 

The Shirt's Materials

Contrado sources materials that you can feel comfortable in and feel good about. All of our materials are sustainably sourced and printed. The individual fabrics range vary in thickness, so long sleeve shirt printing doesn't have to depend on the weather. 

Care Instructions

Your men's long sleeve printed t-shirts come with simple care instructions. Simply machine wash at 30°C/86°F for the best results. 

Design Tips

Going wild with the sleeves makes long sleeve t-shirt printing completely worthwhile. Use patterns, bold colors, images, and more to make your shirts the center of attention. With prints from neckline to fingertips, you have complete creative power.


Are these printed long sleeve shirts warm?
Each fabric varies in thickness, so certain fabrics are warmer than others. One thing that's for sure is that your long sleeve shirt will be warmer than a short sleeve tee!

Is this a good piece for layering?
Yes! Long sleeve shirt printing gives you tons of options when you wear your shirt. Add a jacket if it's cold outside and reveal your shirt when you step inside.

How do the long sleeve shirts differ?
Our long sleeve shirt printing service offers different styles with unique fits, fabrics, and necklines. Choose your style to create the perfect shirt.

What is the size range like?
We offer sizes from XS-7XL on many of our all-over print long sleeve shirts, so you can be confident in a shirt that fits.

What types of fabrics do you offer?
We have two types of fabrics for your long sleeve t-shirt printing: natural and poly-based fabrics. We're especially proud of our cotton range. Both types are comfortable to wear and show your art in great detail.

Want to Sell Your All Over Print Long Sleeve Shirts?

You can! Sign up to create a store on Contrado and sell your men's long sleeve printed t-shirts effortlessly. Our Product Mockup Generator can help you create multiple shirt styles super quickly. Alternatively, you can register for a wholesale account to get great discounts, or use our dropshipping app on Shopify to integrate Contrado with your Shopify store.