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Women's Personalized T-Shirts


From classic wardrobe essentials to more fashion-forward styles, you can personalize t-shirts front and back for any occasion. Flaunt your creativity on natural and poly-blend fabrics that will show brilliant colors and vivid details.

Personalized T-Shirts

Make our range of short sleeved personalized women's t-shirts your own. This year-round staple comes to you in a variety of different fabrics and styles that will suit any personal aesthetic. Choose from more casual and classic t-shirts, or venture out of the box with a t-shirt dress or floaty blouse. 

  • Printed all-over
  • Personalized on front and back
  • Variety of comfy fabrics, incl. cotton
  • Eco-friendly production
  • Handmade to order
  • Cut & sewn, not mass-produced
  • Fabrics keep their natural handle
  • Plus sizes up to 7XL
  • Best value materials
  • Speedy tracked shipping
  • 1-2 day turnaround
  • Made to order

How Your Personalized Women's T-Shirts Are Made

Each t-shirt is completely handmade to order. We cut and sew your personalized t-shirts from the printed fabric rather than printing your design on an already made t-shirt. This ensures your print covers every part of the fabric. The highly pigmented inks are bonded to the fibers of the material to create a print that feels like the fabric itself and won't ever budge.

Our Best Materials

We only use the best to make the best. Our natural and poly fabrics are sustainably sourced with the planet in mind, and our inks are eco-friendly. Choose from our natural cottons or poly-based options to fit your needs, all of which are cozy to wear and will reproduce your design to perfection.

Care Instructions

After you've worn one of your personalized t-shirts, they can be washed in the machine at 30°C/86°F.

Design Tips

You can showcase any design on your personalized t-shirts, front and back. Whether it's a repetitive pattern, minimalist design, or colorful image, let your creativity run wild. 


What types of t-shirt fabrics do you have?
We have a selection of poly-based fabrics that are fantastic for everyday wear and have excellent printing results. We also offer natural options that are sustainable and comfortable.

Can I print on the sleeves & front and back?
Yes, you can print your personalized t-shirts front and back including the sleeves.

What sizes do you offer?
Sizes differ based on the style of your personalized women's t-shirt, but our full size range is XXS-7XL.

How do the styles of the t-shirts differ?
Each of our personalized t-shirts will fit everyone differently, but some styles are more fitted to the body while others are roomier. You can also choose between different necklines and fabrics, so each tee is unique.

How will the shirts fit?
Before you purchase your t-shirt, we recommend checking the size guide on that shirt's page. This will help you choose your size to make sure your t-shirt fits nicely. 

Want to Sell Personalized T-Shirts?

Customize each style of personalized women's t-shirts and curate a range of t-shirts for customers to browse and buy on our marketplace. Open up a store on Contrado to sell your designs as a full collection. Alternatively, benefit from our exclusive wholesale pricing or take advantage of our dropshipping services.